Maison Taisne Riocour Blanc de Noirs

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Champagne Taisne Riocour is first and foremost a tribute to their parents, Angelito de Taisne and Claude de Riocour, who established the family vineyards in 1837. Their Champagnes are marked by the alliance of heaven and earth, by elegance, audacity and liveliness. This Champgane is classified as a Blanc de Noirs, meaning a white wine from red grapes. For this process, the red grapes are pressed and the juice is allowed to ferment after being separated from the skins. Made from 100% Pinot Noir, this bubble blast is lively and refreshing, highlighting a mix of pink plum, candied orange peel, freshly baked pastries and dried flowers with a hint of sweet spice.

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