Philippe Le Hardi Bourgogne Cote-D'Or Blanc

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Domaine du Chateau Philippe le Hardi presents a rare combination of climates all over Burgundy. Through its origins dating back 13 centuries, the Domaine tells the story of the many different landscapes and set locations throughout this famed wine region. This rare beauty is an extension of the Philippe le Hardi wines, stemming from the Clos De La Chaise Dieu Monopole. A monopole is an appellation or vineyard controlled entirely by one owner. It's labelled as a Bourgogne Cote-D’Or that was aged on its lees in a mixture of both small and large oak casks. The idea is to emphasize the freshness and fruitiness that Chardonnay has to offer. This wine is wonderfully rich and creamy offering a mix of apple, lemon curd and grapefruit with a hint of buttered toast.

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