Arran 'Lagg' Corriecravie Edition

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For hundreds of years, to increase their income, small Arran communities made their own spirit in illicit homemade stills. The resulting whisky, which became known as ‘Arran Waters’, was smuggled from Lagg and sold on mainland Scotland. Today, Lagg Distillery (owned & operated by the Isle or Arran Distillery) is located at the southern end of the island and produces a range of heavily peated, modern and characterful Single Malt Whiskies. This Corriecravie Edition is aged for 4 years and finished in Sherry Casks. It was bottled unchill-filtered at the higher strength of 55% abv. It’s an absolute delicious little sipper, offering notes of chewy raisins, plums, dried orange, dried cranberry and peat smoke with a hint of toasted oak.

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