Albert Grivault Bourgogne Blanc

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This could be one of the greatest Domaines of Meursault, dating back to 1879. ‘Clos des Murgers’ is destined as a Monopole, meaning a single vineyard solely owned by Albert Grivault. In 1970, a small plot in the Clos was cleared of trees and planted with Chardonnay. However, this section extended outside of the village of Meursault, so it could not be classified as a village-level Meursault. For this reason, it was declassified as a Bourgogne Blanc and a hidden gem to boot! It’s intensely rich and full of personality, with great complexity. It offers a glorious mix of floral citrus, pineapple, grapefruit and subtle toast with some buttery creaminess. Irresistibly delicious!


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