Fritz Kupelwieser Sauvignon Blanc

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“Fritz“, the man who planted the vineyard in 1878 - Fritz Kupelwieser. His dedication and commitment smoothed the way for later developments, and so also for the new brand. The wine serves as a reminder of his person and the achievements of the vineyard Kupelwieser. “Fritz“ also stands for freshness and liveliness, two typical characteristics of the wine. Only carefully selected grapes from Alto Adige traditionally produced under strict quality standards are used for this wine.

Characteristic properties: A delicate, aromatic white wine which, because of its pleasant acidity, can be cellared for long periods, developing an interesting and balanced nose. Color: greenish yellow to straw-yellow Bouquet: tones of nettles, honey, bell pepper, and elder blossom Flavor: rich and harmonious, with good fruit and lasting acidity. Winemaker's Notes

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